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Brenda Hedstrom

Owner, Southern Twist Yarns

Growing up in a creative family environment gave me the foundation to explore many crafts, but I always returned to needlework. As a young girl, I learned to knit and crochet from my mother and grandmother, but as often happens motherhood and a career left me with little time and my needles and hooks often got tucked away. I did find time to crochet afghans for my three sisters and soon baby blankets, sweaters, and booties followed. Eventually, a good friend gave me the nudge I needed to dust off the knitting needles and now they are rarely far from my hands. No matter where my husband and I travel, the closest yarn shop is always on radar. He patiently waits, no matter how long, while I search for that perfect colorway. When the opportunity to finally open my own shop arose, there was no looking back.


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Eebie Cheshire

I consider myself to be a knitting designer (those who know me think I just can’t follow directions!) as well as a knitting fanatic and a self-proclaimed yarn snob. When I was five, my grandmother and mother, who are both right handed, tried to teach their left handed prodigy to knit and crochet, ouch. Then the stars aligned. A Japanese friend of my moms showed her how to knit continental style and I finally “got it”! Luckily for those of you who want to learn to knit, I am able to knit both left and right handed as well as in either Continental or American style. Teaching just evolved from a love of all things knitted and wanting others to enjoy knitting as well.


I teach both private and group lessons.



Lynn Wonsick

I grew up in Lancaster County, PA where the practice of fiber arts is highly valued. (Amish Country). I’m the kind of person who loves to learn new things, so it is no surprise I learned how to crochet, embroider, needlepoint, quilt and knit with my mother and neighbors beginning when I was in elementary school. I am a life-long learning advocate and love infecting others with my passion for knitting and crocheting. I never met a yarn I didn’t want to own (an obsession that still astounds my husband after more than 30 years). I knit or crochet every single day and anywhere possible in order to find my inner peace. My husband and I love living in Fairhope, our own piece of paradise. You may see me at local venues knitting while enjoying music, conversation or a glass of wine. Stop and introduce yourself. I would love to meet you.
I teach private or group knit and crochet classes.