Amigurumi for Beginners

Amigurumi is essentially the same as crochet, only it refers specifically to the process of making 3D toys. Amigurumi almost always involves working in the round, making spheres which are then stuffed to form the limbs and bodies of some adorable little animals or dolls. In this class, we will cover how to interpret Amigurumi patterns, how to use the magic ring method when working in the round, and some tips and tricks to make your characters special. To begin your Amigurumi journey, you will be using a kit with everything you need to complete a cute animal or doll.

Warning: Once you try this craft, you will become addicted.

Pre-requisite skills: Knowledge of chain, single crochet, slip stitch, half double crochet and double crochet stitches.

Materials: Purchased kit from the shop that includes everything you need.

Instructor: Lynn Wonsick

Dates: Two sessions - Tuesday, November 2 @

10:30am - 1:00pm

Thursday, November 4 @

10:30am - 1:00pm


Saturday, November 6th @

10:30am - 1:00pm

Saturday, November 13th @

10:30am - 1:00pm

Cost: $50 plus the cost of the kit




Beginner Crochet 1  



Beginner Crochet 1 is the perfect way to learn how to crochet in a welcoming environment. Beginner Crochet 1 along with Beginner Crochet 2 are perfect if you are a total newbie or as a refresher if you have not crocheted in a while. The class size is limited so we can tailor the lessons to meet your skill level. 

You will learn:

Crochet 1 Lesson (approximately 60 minutes)

  •     How to hold the hook
  •     How to make a slip knot
  •     How to crochet a chain
  •     How to make a single crochet
  •     How to turn your work
  •     How to count/identify stitches
  •     How to pull out your work if you make a mistake

Materials must be purchased from the shop.

Tuesday, October 5 @ 10:30 - 11:30am

Thursday, October 7 @ 10:30 - 11:30am

Instructor: Lynn Wonsick






Beginner Crochet 2 

Our Beginner Crochet 2 is the perfect way to expand what you have learned in Beginner Crochet 1. The class size is limited so we can tailor the lessons to meet your skill level. You can learn the basic skills required to create 2 different crocheted projects. 

You will learn:

Crochet 2 Lesson (approximately 60 minutes)

  •     How to make a double crochet
  •     How to read a simple pattern
  •     How to decrease a stitch
  •     How to increase a stitch
  •     How to weave in ends
  •     How to sew together two pieces
  •     Different yarn types, weights, and hook sizes

Tuesday, October 19 @ 10:30-11:30am







Beginning Knitting  - Pt 1

This class is for the true beginner or someone that hasn't knit in a very long time. We begin with how to hold and tension your yarn, how to cast on and learn the knit stitch. Then we send you home to practice. Once you are comfortable with knitting, we will schedule your second session, binding off and weaving in ends.

*Please indicate if you are left handed when scheduling.

This is a two session class. Materials should be purchased at the shop.

Wednesday, September 28th @ 10:30am - 11:30am

Thursday, September 29th @ 11:30am - 12:30pm






Beginning Knitting - pt 2

This is a part two

During this class you will learn how to purl, switch between the knit and purl stitches to create the seed and ribbed patterns and seam.

You will need to have taken Knitting 1 prior to this class

Materials: worsted weight yarn, size 8 needles, darning needle and snips.


Thursday, October 14th @ 10:30am

Thursday, October 21st @ 1pm






Blocking Your Project

Blocking is a method of stretching and shaping a finished knitted piece to reach the dimensions suggested in the pattern, to make two pieces that need to match the same size, or to make your stitches look nicer and more even. Lace almost always needs to be blocked to "open up" the design, so all those beautiful holes and patterns show in their true glory.

There are 3 main methods of blocking. Wet, steam, and spray. We will talk about each of these methods and how to know when to use the right one for your project.

Materials suggested, but not necessary are:

One unblocked item


Blocking Boards

Blocking Wires

Wednesday, October 20th @ 11am - 12:30pm

Instructor: Eebie Cheshire

Cost: Free with a purchase of a set of Knit Blockers or Blocking Wires or $30 for the workshop



Granny Squares Galore 


If you’ve taken Beginner Crochet, you are now ready to go to the next level. The granny square is a favorite of crocheters and is as timeless as it is beautiful. It can be made in any size with any yarn to fit any style.

In this class you will learn how to create the classic granny square and a variation called the solid granny.


Wednesday, October 27 @ 12pm - 3pm


3 hours class


Instructor: Lynn Wonsick






Learn to Fix Your Knitting Mistakes 


Want to be able to fix your mistakes?

Do you need to learn how to read your stitches?

What do you do when your stitches fall off the needle?


Class Session #1 – Thursday, September 30th @ 1:30pm - homework is to knit a 5x5 swatch in stockinette stitch


Class Session #2 – Thursday, October 14th @ 1:30pm - homework is to knit a 5x5 swatch in garter stitch

Instructor - Eebie Cheshire

$40 for both sessions



Magic Loop Method Mitts


Learn the Magic Loop Method for circular knitting using long circular needles and make fingerless mitts!

Materials: 40″ circular needle size 6 or 7, worsted weight yarn, stitch markers, locking stitch markers, tapestry needle. All materials must be purchased at the shop.


Wednesday, October 13th @ 12pm - 2pm  


Instructor - Lynn Wonsick